How long should I stream on Twitch, how often?

How long should I stream on Twitch, how often

How long should I stream on Twitch? How often? On which days? Here you can find key advices for beginner streamers on their first schedules.

Who wants to watch someone play video games all day?

As it turns out, a lot of people – 15 million viewers follow the streams on Twitch every day. Twitch platform hosts streams of eSports tournaments, real celebrities and amateurs.

And if you are beginning streamer one of the first question is – how long should I stream on Twitch, on which days and how often.

Schedule and consistency matter!

Be persistent! Consistency is very important – remember how people turn on the TV in the evenings to watch their favorite show. Likewise, your viewers need to know exactly when you will be online.

Stick to a schedule – it should be prominently displayed on your profile and social media.

If you are just starting to stream and do it at different times, then you will constantly have a different number of viewers.


Before starting your first stream, decide how often you will be working on the channel and posting new information.

Plan your work schedule. This is important as viewers want to know when you next appear online. They will wait for the next stream at certain hours. This will show that you respect the time of the audience and keep their attention to the maximum.

How long should I stream on Twitch
How long should I stream on Twitch

Your streams should be stable. They will attract viewers who will be your constant fans.

If instability – it may happen that viewers will come to watch, but nothing has been posted on the channel yet, and they are disappointed.


Also, do not get too carried away and stream excessively:

  • First, you will quickly get tired and lose inspiration.
  • And secondly, the content of your streams will drop dramatically, since you will not have time to find something fresh and truly interesting.

How often should I stream on Twich at the beginning

It is important even at the first stage to accustom yourself to stream daily, to observe the required frequency of streams.

On the one hand, it will strengthen your will and develop the habit of streaming every night.

On the other hand, you can quickly fix all your mistakes in content and image quality.

ALWAYS save all your streams recorded for later study.


Wrong timing of the stream.

For beginners, there is one good advice – to stream at a time when the top streamers in terms of the number of viewers are not yet online, usually it is afternoon and up to the evening. This way there will be less competition with large channels and it is easier to occupy high positions in the category.

How long should I stream on Twitch?

Answering the question how long should I stream on Twitch – realistic advice is to spend with the audience 3-4 hours per day.

But you should remember that it’s not about a number of the hours you spend, it’s about the quality of your stream and content.

You can try special schedule first to stream for about an hour in the mornings before you go to school or work, 1 hour in the evenings and then 3-5 hours during weekend.

It is known that the viewer usually spends on Twitch for over an hour and a half.

At the same time if you are asking – how long should I stream on Twitch – you have to keep in mind that it should be coordinated with your life schedule.

Though still “the longer – the better” is universal advice – don’t forget about quality.

How often should I stream on Twich at the beginning

How many days should I stream per week?

Usually the streamers spend for streaming about 5 days per week that is similar to proper job. At the same time you always have to mind your physical and mental health capacity.

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