How to Become a Streamer: Build Carrier of Your Dream

How to Become a Streamer: Build Carrier of Your Dream

Do you want to know how to become a streamer? If so, here’s the answer with a detailed analysis of all your steps on the road to success.

How to become a steamer: key steps

  • Get the right equipment.
  • Choose a niche.
  • Choose a platform.
  • Develop a schedule and stick to it.
  • Start streaming and be yourself.
  • Analyse your content.

A streamer is someone who streams online on the internet. In recent years, streaming top online PC games has become big business, and streamers – from vloggers to gamers – have become modern celebrities for showcasing their talents.

How to become a streamer from scratch: instructions

What does it take to become a streamer?

Twitch boasts over 1.4 million viewers on its platform at any given time. This means that plenty of people not only love the games themselves to play, but also look forward to new content. Of course, every aspiring gamer wants to know how to become a streamer popular on Twitch or YouTube.

Before thinking about how to become a streamer, you need to know who a streamer is.

Get the right equipment.

You need to think about the basics first. Any guide on how to become a streamer and start streaming on Twitch or another platform should always start with the hardware. It’s what you need to have in the first place – you can’t create content without the right tools.

Fortunately, you don’t have to buy expensive hardware from but for high-quality streaming, you do need the following:

1. Laptop, PC or Mac

Make sure your device has USB ports to connect your streaming hardware. Your device also needs an SSD drive if possible, and at least 8GB of RAM to make sure everything runs quickly and smoothly;

2. Camera

On a low budget, you can use a basic webcam. If you can afford more, look for a camera for recording audio and video at a 160-degree angle and 4K resolution – it’s a great place to start. If finances are tight, you can buy a similar camera without 4K resolution;

3. Microphone

Most newcomers to streaming will use a USB microphone. These are very simple devices with automatic plug-and-play settings that allow you to record sound with basic quality. However, when you become a more advanced streamer, you may want to use a mixer. In that case, you’ll need an XLR microphone.

At first, the prospect of using a mixer can be daunting. Fortunately, modern gear is very easy to use, so when the time comes, don’t be afraid to take your recording to the next level.

Video Game Streaming Equipment Checklist: Must Have for Beginner

Choose a niche

Now that you know what streaming is and what equipment is required, you need a concept and a place to broadcast. The gaming industry provides many opportunities to create unique entertainment content.

However, it’s not that easy. Learning how to stream in a few minutes, but it can take months or even years to build a strong fanbase and start making good money.

How to Become a Streamer: Build Carrier of Your Dream| Photo:
How to Become a Streamer: Build Carrier of Your Dream| Photo:

After acquiring everything you need to stream, the next step is to decide on a niche. Since your field is gaming, we already know what the focus will be.

So you need to think about the target audience and the genre of games. Streamer is a broad concept, and you need your own distinct personality. Do you want to play MMO or MMORPG games?

If you’re opting for a niche MMORPG, which one will you choose: PvP or PvE? Think about these questions.

Maybe your thing will be the best games for Android? As you know, the mobile gaming segment is booming right now! The number of casual players on mobile devices is only going to grow in the coming years.

Or maybe you’ll decide to do reviews and play popular games for free? That’s not a bad move either, because free and shareware games are in high demand. You should ask yourself these questions before you become a streamer.

In fact, you need to dig even deeper after you’ve chosen what type of games you’ll be streaming. You need to think about what type of content you’ll be creating.

Are you going to be a serious gamer who focuses on hardcore tactics and strategy? Or are you going to play for fun, get less obsessed with the intricacies of the game and connect more with your audience?

Your broadcasting style should suit your personality. Many people learn how to broadcast from the experiences of other bloggers. However, almost all celebrities in the business have found their own way. Of course, it makes sense to take inspiration from others, but by no means copy someone else’s style.

Find your own voice and create content that reflects your personality traits and interests. That way your streams will be more authentic and, as a result, more engaging. This is the best answer to becoming a streamer and succeeding.

Be yourself and people will notice your sincerity and are more likely to turn on your broadcasts more often.

Choose a platform

The next logical question is, where is the best place to stream? Many gamers want to know how to get started. Twitch platform relies on the gaming industry and remains the most popular place for this type of content.

However, while many people want to make a name for themselves on Twitch, it’s important to remember that it’s not the only platform in the world.

There are already thousands of streamers on Twitch, so it will be difficult to break into the top here. You might consider YouTube or one of the niche sites as an alternative. Even if you end up coming to Twitch anyway, you can take your first steps and learn to stream on any other platform.

How much does the average streamer make on Twitch?

An average streamer with a few thousand subscribers can earn around $5,000 per month by playing 40 hours a week. These are only approximate figures, and earnings can vary widely.

In general, you can earn up to $250 per month for every 100 subscribers. So, if you have 2,000 subscribers, you can earn $5,000 per month.

How to make money with Twitch: monitarization basics

Develop a schedule and stick to it.

This applies to any direction that seems appealing from the outside. People always want to know how to become a streamer in gaming, while underestimating the degree of responsibility. They see celebrities with millions of subscribers earning over $1 million a year, and they want the same thing.

But how popular streamers get to that point is hidden from view. You don’t just start broadcasting and instantly become a superstar. They put an incredible amount of work into it, starting with a few subscribers and gradually expanding their audience.

How long should I stream on Twitch, how often?

Once you understand how to become a streamer and start streaming, consistency and dedication will play a big role. So it’s important to have a schedule and stick to it. Just like in television, people expect certain content on a certain day and at a certain time.

If you start broadcasting on a Monday at 8pm, then keep doing it for several weeks in a row. If the number of views grows, continue to follow this schedule, if not, try another day and another time. When you find the optimal schedule for broadcasts, don’t deviate from it.

Viewers will begin to plan their day around your streams. This is how you’ll build a loyal following and become a popular streamer.

Start streaming and be yourself.

The penultimate step in our guide to becoming a streamer is broadcasting content. At this point you have the right equipment, you know what content you’ll be creating, and you know where and when you’ll be streaming. The next step is to make it happen.

Get started and show what you can do. A streamer is someone who shows off all their talents live on air, like their skills at playing top MMOs or stealth action or whatever.

The first few streams probably won’t be the coolest. They’ll probably be awful, but don’t let that upset you. The quality of any first stream is pretty mediocre. Remember, once you get comfortable, find your voice and learn how to stream better, things will work out.

The main thing to focus on is engaging and creative. Treat every streaming session like you’re meeting your friends. Talk directly to viewers and don’t get too bogged down in the game. Remember that the main thing is to have fun.

Sure, you can play silently, but people want to feel involved. This is what distinguishes online streams from TV shows. A certain interactivity is expected of you.

There are thousands of streamers out there. Learn the rules first and then break them.

If you behave in a confident, friendly way and create fun and creative content, your chances of success increase. Above all, pay attention to quality. Even if your stream is 30 minutes long, make every minute memorable. A short clip of high quality is much better than hours of mediocre streaming.

Become a successful streamer: Analyse your content.

The last step in our guide on how to become a streamer is analysis. It’s extremely important to study your metrics and review your content to understand how to stream better.

If you want to improve your product, you need to answer all these questions. Learning how to be a video blogger is quite easy. It’s not so easy to become a successful streamer. There are people for whom streaming is their only source of income.

Also, popular vloggers hire whole teams of employees. The team helps the top streamer become even more popular through audience engagement and social media posts. At first, you won’t be able to compete with them.

If you actively analyse your content and think about how it can be improved, your views will begin to rise. Once you have identified your weaknesses and addressed them, the key is to remain consistent. Keep doing what you’re good at and, over time, your chances of popularity will go up.

If you’re willing to work hard, while still playing games online and enjoying what you’re doing, there’s no stopping you from becoming a top-notch streamer. Now you know how to become a streamer and make the most of your opportunities!


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