How to get Twitch views: the most effective strategies

How to get Twitch views: the most effective strategies

Here you can find key strategies how to get Twitch views. It is important not to forget that streaming is a job, and not to wait for a large number of viewers at the very beginning.

How to get Twitch views: key advices

Determine what equipment do you need

If you will be doing ordinary streams or playing games that do not require powerful computer hardware, you can stream on Twitch from your laptop. 

If the main feature of the channel is streaming AAA games, you need to purchase necessary equipment. In addition, you will need a high-quality microphone without noise and a 720p webcam.

Stream regularly

If you are interested in how to get Twitch views you have to take into account that you must spend a lot of time for streaming. The more often you stream, the more experience you will gain – not so much in the game as in communicating with the audience and in how to broadcast. 

The chance of being noticed by a Twitch viewer will increase. And there is no need to strive to gain a large audience from the very beginning – it is better to gain experience, make a beautiful picture, high-quality sound, customized alerts.


Chat in Twitch top chats

You will be known at least by your nickname. Than people go to your page and see what you are streaming, they can become interested in your streams.

Participate in events

Remember that there are always events in the community that will help in the development of the channel. 

How to get Twitch views: the most effective strategies
How to get Twitch views: the most effective strategies

In many cities, there are cafes, where people gather who love to watch streams of the games. You can find your like-minded people in these cafes. Take part in tournaments – you can take a prize, and interest in you as a steamer will increase

Follow other people’s channels

Watch streamers not only from the top 10 in your game, but also the rest. 

Interact with competitors

Stream with people who are watched by as many people online as you are. By doing this, you will exchange your audience and both channels will have more online views. Agree with streamers about mutual hosts – placing someone else’s stream on your channel.

Be consistent

Your game choices matter. If you jump across multiple Twitch tabs, the viewer may simply not find you. 

It’s easiest to start with the top 5 Twitch games – DotA, CS: GO, League of Legends, Hearthstone, and Fortnite. 

If you focus on one game, more viewers will see you in less time. In the future, you can move on to other games so as not to get your audience boring.

Don’t beg for donations

Some people come to Twitch looking for money. This is normal. 

Streaming is a job like any other. If the viewers see that you are only interested in money, they will remember you as a mercantile person and will hardly come back.


Multiplatform promotion

Make restreams on Twitch, YouTube. If you have a blog on YouTube, be sure to advertise your Twitch channel. 

The audience will come to watch. The more you reach the audience in the initial stages, the faster you will gain an audience that will allow you to move higher in ranking of your game.

How to get Twitch views
How to get Twitch views

Express your emotions

More expressive people get more views. It’s more interesting to look at them – you never know what to expect from a person. Do not forget that you are doing an entertaining show for the audience.

Try to get caught up in YouTube streams

There are many channels that make videos of the highlights from Twitch. For the most part, such channels contain clips from streams of famous people. 

But you can get there even if you have a small audience. All such channels have a mailing address to which you can drop offers and, possibly, get into the release. Each viewing of such a video is a potential new viewer of your stream.

Review your streams

I understand that this is painful to do. But this is the only way you will be able to notice all your faults- by technique or by the way you communicate with the audience. 

If, when reviewing your stream, you understand that you would watch such a streamer, this is a good sign.

Ask your friends for feedback on streams

When you are interested in how to get Twitch views you shouldn’t forget about your friends and their feedbacks. Naturally, friends may not always tell the truth, because they may be afraid of offending you. Ask them to be honest.

Track and analyze your statistics

You should always understand why yesterday you had one number of viewers online, and today another. 

There are a huge number of factors that affect the popularity of your streams. 

If the FIFA World Cup is on TV, don’t expect to have big audience online.

When there are world championships in gaming disciplines, indicators also fall. The statistics will also show which game streams viewers want to see on your channel.

Have patience

In the first stages, you will only invest in streams in order to receive dividends later. Enjoy this process. When a streamer is broadcasting from under a stick, his insincerity is always visible. And this is not captivating at all.

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