How to grow your Twitch Channel: 6 key advices

How to grow your Twitch Channel

If you are a beginning streamer you have to make a plan how to grow your Twitch channel. Here you can find key advices you have pay attention to first of all.

The key task of a good streamer (especially for one just starting streaming career) is not only to play games professionally, beautifully and effectively, but also to be a good manager. 

Only in this case it will be possible to develop the channel, attract new subscribers and form a strong fan audience.

Here you can find some useful tips for the initial promotion of a Twitch channel.

How to grow your Twitch channel

1. Take care of equipment set-up in advance

Get ready your PC to become your primary streamer tool. Connect a camera, microphone, configure codecs and screen capture devices – so that you don’t have to reconfigure everything and set “better” configuration parameters later during your streams.

How to grow your Twitch Channel: 6 key advices
How to grow your Twitch Channel: 6 key advices

Endless exploration of microphone sensitivity and video codec settings on stream can scare off even the most loyal followers and viewers. 

Therefore – do everything right before the stream starts.


2. Don’t forget to introduce yourself

Take some time to customize your Twitch stream and channel. Provide followers with information about yourself, why you decided to become a streamer, your favorite genres and games, add links to other social networks or mention top donators.

Add in the stream the list of those games that you play the most often and in which you have succeeded. 

But there is no need to overspam, listing all the games on the planet. You need to concentrate only on a few key titles.

The description and design of the stream should be presented in such a way that the eye of a person who only looked at the stream for a few seconds would catch all crucial elements. This will help attract organic audiences to your streams and make your Twitch channel grow.


3. Content plan matters

If you want your streaming to be profitable, then make it your regular job. 

How to grow your Twitch Channel:  Content plan matters
How to grow your Twitch Channel: Content plan matters

Because if you go stream from time to time – you will not be able to collect a stable and constant audience. 

You need to stream regularly and as much as possible.

In order to be consistent you have to write out a content plan for the next few months, which covers following information:

  • when will you stream,
  • how much
  • what exactly
  • schedule purchases of new games and computer accessories
  • check out the release calendar

In addition, interaction with the audience should also be included in the content plan:

  • Just communication. It is advisable to conduct such streams, when new AAA-class games do not come out, and the old ones are passed along and across;
  • Stories about my life. You can stream from a walk, from the kitchen or play a musical instrument to make you audience like you know more about you;
  •  Joint streams with friends. Even in the Just Chatting format , when they sit in front of the camera several times and communicate with the audience, at least in the framework of some kind of multiplayer game.

You can also take part in an e-sports competition, arrange a cosplay session (only a more or less famous character), or simply dress up provocatively or openly. And this also needs to be included in the content plan!

5. Stream often

So, in order to attract your audience and grow your Twitch channel, you need to refer to the streaming as to a job. 


Therefore, stream as often as possible. 

The ideal option would be every day – twice a day. This will help your audience to constantly receive content from you and not switch to other streamers.

In the calendar, mark – the time for your streams and hours. And follow this schedule strictly. Skip the stream – due to illness or simply because of unwillingness – you will lose your audience.

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6. Use to other platforms for promotion

Make a cut of funny moments of the stream or some particularly spectacular scenes, and publish it on YouTube. 

Share beautiful screenshots on Instagram. 

Establish Twitter channel for communication with your audience.

All this will help not only to form a strong fan-base of the audience, but also to attract new viewers.

The more often and more interesting you interact with the audience in different ways, the wider it will become. Because people love to share what they like. 

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