What to stream on YouTube: variety of options and topics?

What to stream on YouTube: variety of options and topics?

Internet streaming is becoming more and more popular. Today you can find and watch online broadcasts for every taste. So, in general what to stream on YouTube? How to choose your niche?

There are so many topics: recipes for cooking, playing video games, methods of applying makeup, and so on. So, what’s to stream on YouTube seems to be a natural question.

Many are seriously thinking about changing their occupation and starting streaming from home, while earning good money.

What to stream on YouTube: variety of options and topics?

What does it take to become a streamer?

Not only bright personality and ability to generate ideas. A powerful computer and a high-quality webcam are essential.

Today, to become a famous and successful streamer, it is not enough just to broadcast games and accompany them with comments. This niche is saturated with various channels, and only a few are able to break into the top.

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What to stream on YouTube

Finding your topic is important for success. It can be:

  • exclusive live streaming from gaming shows and events;
  • video games walkthroughs and esports streams;
  • exciting reviews and news about games that have not yet been released (you can get them directly from publishers interested in promoting their products);
  • original selections and reviews of films, TV series, comics;
  • streams with unique humorous content;
  • streams of an entertainment and educational format (DIY, lessons on how to do something with your own hands);
  • beauty blogs (makeup lessons, hairstyles);
  • unpacking goods from online stores.
What to stream on YouTube

At the same time It doesn’t matter what topic you choose, the main thing is that you should enjoy streaming it.

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