Streamer sells bath water: Microsoft and Blizzard not happy.

Streamer sells bath water: Microsoft and Blizzard not happy.

Famous 19-year-old Belle Delphine streamer sells bath water violating the rights of Blizzard and Microsoft.

She is a popular cosplayer, video blogger (Belle Delphine YouTube page) and streamer. Before that, she was known for a photo session with a dead octopus, and now she promotes the water collected after bathing in it.     

Belle Delphine was known for a photo session with a dead octopus
Belle Delphine was known for a photo session with a dead octopus

Streamer sells bath water….and there is a demand

One can of energizing water costs $30, and Belle Delphine fans complain that there isn’t enough water for everyone.

But the essence of the whole scandal is that the lids of the jars with life-giving moisture are decorated with the image of an Xbox 360 controller with the Xbox logo, and the promo of “live water” is served with the logo of Diva (D.Va) – a famous character from Overwatch.  


And, accordingly, the explicit reference to Overwatch abused creators of D.Va. Considering that Blizzard is having long fight against the eroticization of their game, the scandal grow. Plus, Belle Delphine’s commercial image doesn’t fit in with Blizzard ‘s business strategy for the Overwatch franchise. 

Streamer sells bath water

Streamer Belle Delphine, who became famous for selling water from her own bath, offered Instagram subscribers to purchase a large container of such water for 10 thousand dollars (630 thousand rubles). She later announced that the lot was sold.  


“Selling bath water for the very last time … Only this time it is enough to drown. If you are incredibly thirsty, then look no further, you will also receive a video of bathing in a bathtub, which I am sending you! SOLD,” she signed the photo.

The girl did not disclose the details of the purchase.

Streamer sells bath water: Microsoft and Blizzard not happy.

Was she cheating?

Previously, Reddit user Watevzzzzzzz exposed Delphin, accusing her of cheating. According to him, the analysis of the water sent by the blogger showed that it does not contain human DNA. 

He is sure that the girl did not wash herself in the water sold and thus deceived the buyers. The user also suggested that Delphin did not want subscribers to be able to decipher her genotype.  


Who is Belle Dophin?

Mary-Belle Kirchner (October 23, 1999), better known online as Belle Dolphin, is a British Internet celebrity of South African descent, adult video creator, model and YouTuber.

She is best known for her erotic and cosplay and modeling activities on Instagram. Her publications on the platform are characterized by provocative and literally “weird” aesthetics with the frequent influence of popular Internet memes and trends.

As a result of her activities, Belle Dolphin herself became an Internet meme. The media describes Belle as an e-girl and a combination of an Internet troll and a performance artist.

Belle Dolphin’s unique network aesthetics and character appeared in 2018, when she started modeling on Instagram, often half-naked.

In mid-2019, Belle became more active in creating online content and gained widespread media coverage by creating a satirical account in Pornhub and selling her product “Bathroom Water for Game Lovers” through her own online store.

Belle’s Instagram account was soon deleted for violating community rules. After a break that lasted from October 2019 to June 2020, Belle Dolphin opened an account at OnlyFans, where she publishes adult content. Streamer also began using her YouTube account to post music videos, often to promote her account on OnlyFans.

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