Twitch made the streaming promotion feature paid

Twitch made the streaming promotion feature paid (Photo: Ruetir)

Twitch has changed the streaming promotion feature by making it paid. The announcement took place as part of the Twitch Patch Notes show on the official channel of the streaming platform.

Users can support the streamer and help them get to the Twitch homepage with the “Boost this Stream” feature. 

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Previously, only chat points were required to promote broadcast, however Twitch decided to change this feature.

Now, during the broadcast, a pop-up window may appear in the chat, in which viewers can buy “recommendations” to promote the channel costing up to $ 3. 

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During the test period, the feature is available to a limited number of content makers, it is not known when it will appear for all streamers.

Earlier, Twitch added a new way to moderate a chat. Now streamers and channel moderators can enable a new mode, in which users will need to confirm their mobile phone number or email address to send messages.  

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