How to make money with Twitch: monitarization basics

How to make money with Twitch: monitarization basics

If you are starting streaming on Twitch for sure you are looking forward to future monitarization. Here comes the question – how to make money with Twitch? Below is a basic overview of all main methods to generate consistent and stable above-average income.

Monitarization methods for Twitch streamer:

  • Subscriptions
  • Donations
  • Ads revenue
  • Direct advertising (brand partnership)
  • Product sales

Streaming specifics

Stream is a live broadcast on the Internet through special services. And Twitch is one of the most popular video games platforms where users can share and watch streams.

Usually the main window of the stream displays the process of the game and the chat – for communication with your audience, questions and discussion of the game, etc. 

How to make money with Twitch: monitarization basics

The channel owner needs to make sure that the players don’t get bored. To do this, he\she needs to accompany the gameplay events with sparkling comments, or prompt the players about the specifics of fulfillment of a particular mission. Naturally, he cannot do without knowledge and training, comparable to commentator at hockey matches.

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Channel creation

First you need to register on Twitch (registration is available for those who have reached the age of 21). After activating your account, you need to install special streaming software:  XSplit or OBS.

After starting the software, the account must be linked to Twitch.

How to make money with Twitch: key methods 

Working at the platform, you can earn almost the same amount as the average office worker does (it depends on the region you live in – from 300USD to 1500USD per month.

Twitch Affiliate and Partner

Participation in Twitch affiliate programs is a must for a streamer. It cannot bring direct income, but it opens up access to various earnings. 

Twitch partnership is a top form of affiliate program and you have to apply in order to receive that status.

When for affiliate status you just receive automatic invitation once all conditions are met. Partners receive a share of ads revenue and have some other priviliges.

To formalize an official cooperation with Twitch, you must:

  • have least 500 total minutes streaming in the last 30 days
  • at least 7 unique streaming days in the last 30 days
  • an average of 3 concurrent viewers or more over the last 30 days
  • at least 50 Followers

The Twitch rules may change but the main idea is that you have to prove to Twitch your serious intentions to become a streamer.

The Twitch rules may change but the main idea is that you have to prove to Twitch your serious intentions to become a streamer.

After approval of the application, the user will be admitted to the paid placement of advertising products, and will also be eligible for the other monatarization methods. 

Who is a subscriber and a follower?

Twitch, unlike YouTube, distinguishes between a paid subscriber and a follower, since the audience has the opportunity to reward a good streamer with contributions.

Paid subscriptions cost viewers $ 4.99 per month. There are different types of subscriptions – for 9.99 and 24.99 USD. The amount is shared equally by the streamer and Twitch. 


Compared to a follower, a subscriber has the following advantages:

  • Getting additional sets of icons used in the chat.
  • A special counter appears near the donator’s nickname (by default, a star, but the streamer can change its shape depending on the size of the donation).
  • Communication in an exclusive chat.
  • Gamers listen to subscribers in order to stimulate subscription renewals.
  • Some streamers can make videos of previous streams available only for subscribers


This is another way to make money on Twitch. In order to receive a donations you must have a big audience. 

With donations viewers usually support you during streams for your successful performance or just for your greetings, etc. 

Several ways to attract donations:

  • Installation of sound notifications that the new donation is received; and visual one as well.
  • In order to please your supporters, it is worth indicating or pronouncing the nicknames of those who made large donations.

Embedded ads

This method is also effective, but it will not bring good earnings, especially for a newcomer who has just become a Twitch partner: for 1,000 impressions, you can get from 2 to 10 USD. As a streamer you can collect over 20,000 followers and earn just $ 63 per month from ads.

How to make money with Twitch: key methods

Nobody likes ads. Even those who really understand that watching ads at your favorite streamer channel is a kind of expressing your support for his work.

In addition, users block ads using AdBlock, and not everyone agrees to disable this service.

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Direct advertisers (brand partnership)

Increasing profitability is possible by attracting direct advertisers. To do this, you need to either promote their websites, or advertise products for skin care, hair care, drinks, accessories for gadgets.   

Remember! The more advertising, the fewer people will want to stay on the channel.

Sales of products

Novice streamers can start promoting certain product by asking viewers to make purchases on Amazon or other platforms. 

You can sell your own products, or arrange cooperation with an online markets. Most often, gadgets and software are bought on Twitch, so it is worth placing links to these product in the chat.

Twitch Monitarization for Beginner – is it realistic?

Now you know how to make money with Twitch, but is it really realistic?

Undoubtedly, and this is confirmed by users, earnings of 200-300 USD are possible within a few months after the start.

But streamers with extensive experience believe that this is a minimum sum. If you seriously get down to business and devote at least 5-6 hours a day to streaming, as well as give all your best, then in six months you can reach a profit of 1-2 thousand USD.

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