DrDisRespect bio: career of legendary streamer

DrDisRespect bio: career of legendary streamer

Check DrDisRespect bio and try to understand why and how he became one of the most popular streamers in the game industry.

37-year-old Guy Beahm, or DrDisRespect, is the only top Twitch streamer who became popular thanks to his completely fictional ’80s tough guy’ image.

Someone likes his acting skills, someone- his thrashtok, the others – his high skill in shooters, and someone dislikes him and accuses him of hypocrisy.  


DrDisRespect bio: from game-designer to streaming star

What is DrDisRespect’s real age?

He’s now 38 year old and he was born on March 10, 1982.

What is DrDisRespect’s real height?

Actually his height is 6 Feet 10 Inches and weight – 69 kg (152 lb).

DrDisRespect bio: real age, name height

What is DrDisRespect’s real name?

Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV

Image development

Dr DisRespect’s image began to take shape in the 00s, long before his streaming career. 

In an interview to Rolling Stone, he revealed that he used to play Halo 2 on Xbox, where there was general voice chat. Beahm was good at the shooter and always responded to talkative opponents. The rivals liked his feigned audacity so much that after the defeats they wrote to Beahm about how much fun they had had playing against him.

Branded glasses, a mustache, headphones and a mullet haircut were all seen in early 2010.

How to Become a Streamer: Build Carrier of Your Dream 

It was then that Beahm started a YouTube channel and changed his nickname from Diarrhea Panic to DrDisRespect. He began recording his highlights from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 gameplay, and he used all kinds of cocky phrases in relation to rivals.

Beahm wasn’t sure what his character should look like, but he knew that the mustache had to be accurate. He bought them and a wig at a nearby costume store, and when he walked out he saw cool sunglasses – the look was complete.

Raising popularity

DrDisRespect became popular in less than a year. 

In order to gain subscribers, Beahm began to write to the authors of the larger channels so that they would appreciate his content, or he would “tear them to pieces.” 

Many responded and left messages under his videos. At the same time, in 2010, Beahm collaborated with Hector H3CZ Rodriguez from OpTic Gaming, which had already begun to form a stable fan base. 

He commented on the video by Rodriguez, which helped a lot in the promotion of the DrDisRespect channel.   

At that time, the content-maker was noticed by popular gaming video hosting site Machinima, which offered him a contract. 

Representatives of the company immediately fell in love with Beahm’s content and wanted to take him to one of the management positions. This is how DrDisRespect made the first connections in the gaming industry.

DrDisRespect bio: image
DrDisRespect bio: image

But he started career of game designer

Beahm created half of the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare maps.

 In early 2011, new prospects opened up for Beahm. 

Sledgehammer Games, which was then finishing development of CoD: MW3, began recruiting and preparing to release another game in the series. 

Guy really wanted to break into the industry, so he abandoned the DrDisRespect image and applied for the position of community manager – it was approved.

Beahm was later promoted to a level designer and began working on multiplayer maps for CoD: Advanced Warfare – eight of them were included later in the release version.

There were three monitors at Beahm’s workplace, one of which on the background was steaming  Mike shroud Grzesik, Jared summit1g Lazar or Tyler Ninja Blevins. At this time DrDisRespect started to think about the career of a professional streamer.            

Back to streaming

In September 2015, Beahm left Sledgehammer Games. He thought that he would quickly find a new job, but he was wrong: Guy was a designer of a narrow specialization. He had to write test assignments and go through a lot of interviews over and over again.

At some point, Beahm and his family were on the verge of moving to Washington, where he was to work on World of Tanks. At the same time, Guy saw prospects in streaming and doubted whether he should remain a game designer. 

Guy’s wife convinced him to follow his heart, so he decided to revive the image that brought him fame. 

On March 21, 2016, DrDisRespect held its first stream on Twitch.

The old image and the new level of production brought him success on Twitch. Unlike most streamers, Beahm didn’t have to start from scratch. But he still had to prepare.

High quality of streaming – is a crucial success precondition 

When Beahm was looking for a job, representatives of the video production studio BoomTV approached him. Its CEO Sumit Gupta believed in the success of DrDisRespect and invited Guy to explore the streaming market himself, while working as a freelance consultant for the company.

As a result, Beahm and BoomTV began to collaborate. The company provided the streamer with a studio, and most importantly, started producing its broadcasts: picture quality is one of the key factors in the success of DrDisRespect.

How is it being a “bad guy”?

Beahm again became a “bad guy” and began to humiliate opponents in every sense. 

DrDisRespect’s streaming career debut coincided with the rise in popularity of battle royale. Doc’s streams on H1Z1 attracted 5-10 thousand people, and with the release of PUBG – up to 30 thousand viewers. 

Herschel "Guy" Beahm IV with his wife
Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV with his wife

By 2017, Baim’s channel was one of the fastest growing in the industry: he became the streamer of the year according to the Esports Industry Awards, and at the Video Game Awards he was recognized as the most significant gamer of 2017.


DrDisRespect bio dark moments: Unfaithful husband

DrDisRespect bio had also sad moments. In December 2017, Beahm admitted in tears that he was an unfaithful husband and took a break from streaming. 

DrDisRespect already had a lot of haters (not all viewers consider his streams to be fun), and now their number increased. 

Nobody knew what would happen to the channel next. Streamer Sebastian Forsen (by the way, his audience dislikes Doc) even suggested that Beahm should change his image to DrRespect – in his opinion, it would be an interesting move.    

But DrDisRespect stayed: at the end of January he announced his return to Twitch, and also made it clear that relations in the family are improving: Beahm presented his wife in the form of Mrs. The Assassin, who held the knife next to his throat. 

The fans were delighted. It became clear that DrDisRespect was no longer in danger.  

DrDisrespect with his wife - Mrs. Assasin
DrDisrespect with his wife – Mrs. Assasin

Doc returned to Twitch in early February: almost 400,000 people simultaneously watched the first stream after his return. Beahm did not set a record, but he did overload the Twitch servers – the site did not work for almost 20 minutes.

Beahm knows how to attract sponsors

To find partners, Beahm used an old tactic that helped him become popular on YouTube. 

DrDisRespect began using the products of famous brands on streams and directly addressed them on Twitter. For example, he splashed on Old Spice deodorants and also mentioned Gillette in his hymn. 

Both companies are now sponsoring his channel.  

Besides them, DrDisRespect also has partners that are standard for streamers – Razer, Turtle Beach, ASUS, G FUEL. 

In January 2019, Beahm signed a contract with Creative Artists Agency, which represents the interests of many celebrities – from Lady Gaga to Tom Hanks. Now it is CAA that is looking for partners for Beahm.

Violence, speed, momentum

DrDisRespect has many proprietary phrases. When creating the image of DrDisRespect, Baim was guided by the heroes of popular action films of the 80s and 90s, such as Chuck Norris or Jean Claude Van Damme. 

DrDisRespect needed its own “I’ll be back”, and it was the phrase “Violence, speed, momentum”, which arose quite by accident. 

Beahm casually said it when he got three frags in H1Z1. Chat liked it, and Baim had no choice but to take advantage of it and make it his catchphrase.

The battle cry “Ra-a-ay-u-ul” is a reference to the legendary seventh number of FC Real Madrid. The thing is that in 2005-2007. DrDisRespect was fond of FIFA, where he often played for Real Madrid.


Like Ninja, Beahm’s character is slowly becoming a part of pop culture. The number of viewers, donations with four-digit amounts, awards, participation in show matches and personalized items are no longer very surprising.

DrDisRespect bio proves that nowadays the streamers are the biggest influencers in the gaming industry. If earlier it was important for publishers to get good reviews about their products in the thematic press, now it is important to win the favor of streamers.  

Ban on Twitch

DrDisRespect’s got permanent ban on Twith no June 26, 2021 despite newly signed contract with platform a few months earlier. The reasons are still unknown though there are different theories:

  • sexual harassment
  • rasist and hate speech
  • unauthorised music content

At the same time you can visite Doc’s YouTube Chanell.

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