Cheap microphone for streaming: Blue Yeti X review

Cheap microphone for streaming: Blue Yeti X review

The Blue Yeti X – a USB microphone from Logitech’s Blue brand, targets bloggers, streaming broadcasters and other content creators. Here is the Blue Yeti X review.

Good sound will be usefull for anyone hosting their own streams. Whether you are streaming music, recording podcasts, streaming a game, or webinar, then sound will matter to you.

No one will be pleased to hear background noise and low-quality sound, even if your topic is super interesting and you are using the best video and lighting equipment.

Cheap microphone for streaming: Blue Yeti X review: World of Warcraft
Blue Yeti X World of Warcraft model

At the same time beginning streamers don’t have sufficient money to buy professional equipment. Here is the review of Blue Yeti X microphone, which combines 2 features: good quality and low price.


Blue Yeti X review: still one of the leading cheap microphones for streaming

LED indicator

The most noticeable update is the real-time LED indicator on the microphone, which allows you to understand that the gain is too low (or, on the contrary, the sound is off scale) right during recording the streaming.

Different modes

The large button on the front of the microphone is its command center. Streamers can use it to adjust levels, toggle between main modes, and turn off the device (like it was with previous Blue Yeti microphones). 

Cheap microphone for streaming: Blue Yeti X review

You can cycle through the other two modes by touching the button for two seconds. The first mode controls the volume, the second – mixing (when, for example, you want to find the right balance between game sounds and comments). This is perhaps the most useful feature in the Yeti X as it usually requires software or a separate hardware audio mixer.

New Software

Logitech’s new Blue Voice software (previously debuted on the Logitech G Pro headset) lets you customize your voice equalizer and then save it to your profile. 

The software offers several ready-made options, but the user can also change them when the situation demands a different vocal style. Also, the software allows you to immediately apply various effects such as noise suppression, de-esser, and so on.


Recording modes

Like it was with the previous Blue Yetil microphones, one more button is located on the back of the Blue Yeti X – it changes the way sound is recorded. 

This model has four microphone capsules located inside, and the user can switch modes depending on the needs: 

  • Cardioid mode captures sound sources that are directly in front of the microphone; 
  • Omni-directional mode picks up sound equally from the entire microphone; 
  • Bidirectional mode records from both the front and back of the microphone, ignoring the rest; 
  • Stereo mode uses the left and right channels to capture a deeper sound.

Blue Yeti X review conclusion: good choice for its price

The manufacturer confirms that the Blue Yeti X is compatible with Windows and macOS computers, and most Android phones via a USB to C adapter. 

Blue Yeti X review conclusion: good choice for its price

With 24-bit/48 kHz resolution and the lack of an analog XLR jack, it’s not as versatile as the $250 Blue Yeti Pro, but it also costs a lot less, coming in October for $169.99.

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